Monday, November 30, 2009

Visit to The Local

I went for a few beers at the Local with a mate last night. This is a pub with a decent selection of beers on tap, so is nice to visit every now and then to see what is on tap. I ended up trying 5 beers, of which small reviews are below

1. Stone Beer, Stone and Wood Brewery (NSW) (5.3%) - very nice to start off with. had the basic taste of like a tooheys old, but with a rich toffee taste which i really enjoyed. I could sense the hops there but were blended well so as not to affect the firm body of the beer.

2. Meantime IPA, Meantime (London) (7.5%) - Ok, i am not an IPA sort of bloke, but after having a taster of this, was up for a full glass of the stuff, good body for an IPA with a malt start in taste but with a hop finish that cleansed the tongue so you are ready for more. Also good that the high alcohol wasn't noticeable in taste, which is strange for a beer of this content. I was interested to find this brewer also had a choc porter but that the pub did not have this in stock. I will definitely be going back to try that one.

3. Last Drop Krystal Wheat, Last Drop (WA) (4.8%) - As at the time i was looking to step up into porters, etc this was a cleanser beer, which it did quite well. not much hops which was good for me, but there was a slight metallic aftertaste. apart from that a stable wheat beer with Belgium tones.

4. Baltic Porter, Mash Brewery (WA) (7.5%) - having tried a baltic porter at a recent beer tasting show at Fed Square, i was really interested to try this one out. had a great balance of body and taste so that neither overpowered the other. good roasted malt and dark chocolate taste and smell, but of course with it comes the smoky aftertaste, but at least in this beer only slight which was pleasing. It was also not too heavy in body so it didn't hit to heavy in the stomach and again, like the Meantime IPA, alcohol taste not noticed. very well rounded dark beer, good to see in Australia.

5. Imperial Brown Ale, Nogne (Norway) (7.5%) - so my tastebuds may not have been working quite well by this end, but that is why we step up the taste in beers for a beer journey. This beer poured with a brown head which created some interest for me, and was indeed taken in by a sweet smell of malt. while this big malt could have brought more coffee taste than it did, i found caramel was more substantial which only made me like it more. This and a massive creamy texture really gave me all i want (personally) from a beer. there was a hop finish, but that was so slight it didn't take away from what i enjoyed in the beer.

Overall, a really happy beer journey for me, apart from not being able to try the Meantime choc porter. still, this may have pushed things over the edge so i may not have been able to appreciate it as much. therefore it just gives me another excuse to head back to try it. Thanks to the friendly staff at the Local (especially the blond behind the bar who gave us some good advice from her tastings from the beer menu, even though she was tired), to Stroudy for joining me in this beer journey, and the trivia team i infiltrated and bored them with my ramblings on beer between trivia questions.

Also, apologies for not wearing a shirt and showing off my plumber's crack while doing the bright ale brew on Friday. 

- Beef 

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