Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Previous Brew: Scotch Ale

Ok, this was the brew we did before the beer choc milkshake but thought it was worth mentioning. Like the choc brew we tasted it against other beers; Marston's Single Malt, Grand Ridge's Moonshine, and Red Hill's Scotch Ale. We were actually quite happy with how ours came out with a good texture and enough depth of character. This meant it well and truly beat the Single Malt, which was very watery and did not have any sense of Whiskey about it (not that I know much about whiskey). However, ours could not compare in depth to the two Victorian brewed scotch ales. While I didn't appreciated a hoppy edge to the Red Hill Scotch Ale, it was still better than our attempt. However, it was clear that the Moonshine was well above the rest, and not just because it is 8.5% alcohol (though it does help). I have heard some people criticise this beer for tasting a bit like soy, but for myself I don't get that, just a full bodied maltiness that was good across the palate with only a slight alcohol sting at the end. Still, this sting is alot less than the Supershine which Grand Ridge also do at 11%. I must say for a first attempt I am quite pleased with our scotch ale, and appreciative of Coopers to letting its club members into this recipe. Seeing I am just running off memory, I can't give much more detail. I do remember that when we first tried ours we had it quite cold and it initially tasted of banana, but then as it warmed up a cinnamon taste came it which went well with it. It was amazing to see the impact brown sugar had on the beer. definitely best drunk closer to room temperature than chilled.

 - Beef

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