Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rogue's Chocolate Stout (6%)

Any beer that has a blog dedicated to it is either easy accessible or should be easily accessible. This one is definitely of the latter (with a great blog in how to use it in cooking!), but was lucky enough while in Adelaide on the weekend to see the Wheatsheaf Hotel has this back in stock, and so made a timely purchase of said beer. While it was heatwave conditions over there, this is one beer I cannot hold back from. I even had my sister post another bottle of it back to melbourne for me so I might taste it against the one we have tried to brew that will be ready for drinking this weekend. Speaking to the well informed staff at length about beer, and this particular beer, I heard they will be getting it on tap, and have already got tickets to go back to adelaide in Feb in hopes it may be on then. like any stout (and beer in general) this is best on tap to help with a creamy texture to go with the chocolate taste. one of the best example of chocolate in beer, with the only bitterness I can taste seemingly from the chocolate itself (even though they do use Willamette Hops in it). having this on a 36 degree day in Adelaide took me back to a 6 degree day in Portland, experiencing this beer for the first time with a warm Chocolate Truffle and ice cream. it just matched so well I was in Beefy Heaven. the smell is almost enough, but when you get it in your mouth...awesome! In some way i look forward to seeing how bad our beer is in comparison to this one. Ok, so you may think I am going a bit overboard about this beer, and that is fine, don't taste it. I don't mind. just means more of it is available to me.
I also hope to get my hands on a Holgate Choc Porter in which to taste test our beer choc milkshake against. also a great beer, and good to see if being made in australia. on tap is it very much on par with Rogue's, and this weekend will also give me a chance to taste the Holgate and Rogue's beers together in comparison. anticipation rising...

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