Sunday, November 22, 2009

Surprise Beer - Haywards 5000 (7%)

So something a little different. Went to an Indian restaurant last night and saw a beer I hadn't seen before, so of course went for it. We were pleasantly told it was the highest alcohol contented beer in India. First impressions were of a clear, amber lager with little head retention that I thought may be just from the higher alcohol. A slight sour sort of smell was all I could get from it, but then on tasting it got a shock when a winey taste came across my tongue and a sharp, dry alcohol aftertaste went through my whole mouth. It didn't just cut through the curries, in fact it was the other way around. I am not sure what malt or hops they used in this beer, but even though I sensed they were quite well balanced, the taste from it did not go down so well. There was the dryness of a white wine, but then also hints of red. I am still confused, but that in itself made it a noteworthy beer, one worth sharing, even though I don't wish anyone to think beer should taste like that. Still, it is said there are no strong beers only weak men, but my knees trembled a bit with the wine and alcohol taste in this beer. Good luck to those that follow me in trying this beer.


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Joel said...

I agree.
I particularly did not enjoy the after taste.