Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beer and Food

I am not going to turn this blog into some sort of social commentary. But I do wish to make some comments on the following article I read this morning. 


Personally, I have not really gone beyond the stage of Beef and Guinness Pie of combining food and beer, though our venture into chocolate stout/porter has allowed cakes/muffins/etc in. Of course my experience with Rogue's Choc Stout and Chocolate truffle has also brought this into mind more. After reading this article I wish I had made more effort to make it to the RACV/Holgate presentation I could have gone to. Also, it intrigues me more to go to the Holgate Brewery, and also the Grand Ridge Brewery which have restaurants attached to them. Both brewers are also providing not only a good range of beers to Australia (from Australia) but producing each style quite well.

Beyond myself, this article helps gives people more of an appreciation of beer that the industry will need if it is to keep up its profile, and keep people experimenting and finding more potential in beer.

- Beef

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