Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rogue's Chocolate Stout (6%) - Additional Thoughts

In addition to what has already been said about this beer; in comparison to other chocolate stouts/porters, the biggest distinguishing feature is the use of Williamette hops.  Previously Beef felt that this wasn't a distinctive flavour in the beer as it seemed to be a bitterness coming from the chocolate (cocoa) itself.  However, when comparing tasting notes from other chocolate stouts/porters which do not use the Williamette hops, it's clear that the hops adds depth to the chocolate taste.  Like the Holgate we felt that the Rogue's had a more complete chocolate replication which we believe makes a true chocolate stout/porter.  The difference between the Holgate and the Rogue's is how they achieve their chocolate tastes.  The Holgate relies on vanilla and roasted malt where as the Rogue's relies on the cocoa and Williamette hops.
It's the finish of these two beers which has the greatest difference; the use of hops in the Rogue's intensifies the chocolate taste while in the mouth, but cleanses the palette once swallowed.  The Holgate's flavour seems to be more consistent between tastes.
The other difference between these two beers is their body, or mouth feel.  We felt that the Rogue's had a lighter texture which slightly detracted from a full chocolate experience.  The Holgate's body was fuller or smoother across the tongue and was one thing that we were able to replicate in our own brew

- Stass & Beef

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