Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boag's St George (4.8%)

Ok, so I am going to swing the pendulum again from the previous post, but also while I was in adelaide in thanks for helping my sis move, she got me a six pack of this and a bag of lolly bananas. by itself it is a very easy drinking beer (the first one was gone in about 30seconds. didn't even get a chance to have it with a banana) with just enough citrus taste to keep you interested if you want to enjoy it a bit slower. great sessional beer. however, one bbq a year or two back a mate and i happened to stumble across a combination of beer and banana, and with further testing only found the lolly banana compatible with this beer. the light tasting of the beer allows the banana to take over alot of the taste of the beer, but i believe the sweet citrus combines well with the sweetness of the banana, so there isn't a competition between sweet and bitter. the question for each individual is how much banana for each swig of beer. as the beer seems to naturally dissolve the banana in your mouth, you can guide yourself as to how much. it can be tricky getting it exactly right, but when you do, its just good. for me a single lolly banana lasts about 3 swigs of beer, and even if you get over it, you can just use the beer by itself to cleanse your tongue so you can try again. so this beer is fine by itself for a big session, or easily converted into a 'chewy' sensation with a lolly banana. the best of both beer worlds, and one i will go back for this summer. Enjoy.



Joel said...

Boag's St George with a lolly banana; the Australian analogous to Corona and lemon.

beefy said...

i don't like your analogy. Boag's is not that watery, and lemon is not that bananary.