Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Hill Wheat Beer (5%)

So, just at the Royston with my brother, and as well as trying a 2 Brothers Taxi Pilsner (pretty standard) we saw Red Hill had a few beers at the pub. It seems with summer here (yay), there are a few aussie brewers giving the wheat beer a go, and many of them going for the European style. This is the case with this bottle conditioned beer, which found a decent balance between easy drinking and giving it enough taste to create some interest while drinking. To be honest it may just be on the side of tasty, which suits me quite well. There was no massive hit of hops but a lingering tingle over the tongue which could also be from the over-carbonation expressed on the bottle. the 'bubblegum' taste of many of this style of beer was not overbearing which helped in its drinkability. as my brother said, would be a good beer to have round the barbie. I have not tried all of Red Hill's range of beers, but hops does seem to be an aspect they wish to emphasize. while the writing on the bottle may make some of us presume there is a lot of hoppy flavour in the beer, this group seem to have done the work in blending it appropriately, even if i did feel it took away a little from their scotch ale. in these beers they have not been overbearing, or a shocking sting that some beers can be faulted on. it is neither intense or sharp, but blendingly lingered. Sorry, that was the only way i could express it, and don't think i can add anymore from it.

- Beef

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