Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yep, It STILL is that good...

So yesterday I made it to Adelaide and hit the Wheatsheaf just in time for Jade to tap the keg of Rogues Chocolate Stout and give the first two pints to me and my sis. Letting the beer warm up I was able to have a chat with Jade about the beer and how they managed to geta a keg of it. I was interested to find it isn't the first time they have had a keg of it on (arrrgh, missed out last time!) and got talking about the isolation they have as a beer venue in Adelaide. I still find it unfathomable that they are able to get the range of beers they do in this little pocket of the world where every pub has Coopers Pale. I was able to recognise this flaw coming from melbourne where Carlton Draught still dominates the pub scene, even the pubs I like to frequent.

So, after 20 mins to let it warm I sat down with my sis, Jac, Pete and Phil to finally taste this beer again. What can I say...Mick, it was just like being back at Portland mate. The bittersweet choc flavour just completely takes over the tasebuds (the whole mouth really) and has got me thinking long and hard about its comparision to the Holgate Empress. The one similarity is that there is a nice liquorice flavour that comes from the meld of alcohol and chocolate towards the back of the palate, which for me is a great sign of quality in this style of beer.

The Wheaty also tapped a keg of Loberthal (a local brewer) Oatmeal Chocolate Stout, and talking to a few other local at the bar, they bought that pint for me too. They said they had read the post that the Wheatsheaf linked to their newsletter and so if they are also reading this, thanks for the beer and showing me that a place like Adelaide has people in it that can allow a pub like the Wheaty to survive.

The Oatmeal Choc Stout, as expected, had a good texture to it, and Pete was right to note that is had Guinness qualities to it. The head stuck to the sides of the glass all the way down which showed that it likes being poured from the handpump, and so this was the best this beer would ever taste. The oatmeal did seem to strip the chocolate flavour but did get some slight choc bitterness in aftertaste. If you are looking to take a step away from Guinness to more adventurous beers, this would be a good one to go for.

However, compared the the Rogue's, it unfortunately pails in comparison. It has good texture, but does not come near in terms of flavour, and the texture of the Rogue's is good enough the carry the beer and coat it over your whole mouth. The Rogue's was even tastier when drinking it in tandem with the Loberthal.

So, after 2 years and many beers inbetween, I am happy to say the Rogue's still does it for me. I ended up only having the two beers the whole time we were there, and left feeling very content, and with all the money I had walked in there with.

My next experiment will be to taste it off against the bottled version, which the Wheaty also have behind the bar. As I am yet to even find it in bottled form in Melbourne, I may even have to bring back a bottle of it to Melbourne just to share it with friends over there.

So Easter starts early, and will keep going til this keg blows. Thanks to the staff and patrons of the Wheaty, you definitely have a special place here, and am taken aback by the hospitality that has been shown to me everytime I come into this place.

Here is to more chocolate beer!!!!



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