Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to an old friend, and soon to a brand new 'friend'

Well, it's been a while since I (Stass) have posted anything on Beerdakari. Things have been a little too hectic, and lets face it, Beefy has things pretty under control.
I just thought that I would make a special note to say that Beef and I are happy to have Brad back in Melbourne. Hopefully Brad will be involved in our future brews. Brad is worthy of a mention not only cos he's a great guy, but he is the one who introduced Beef and I to the world of home brew!! Hopefully you will start to see him in some pics/videos.

In other news, I have recently bought a house out in the burbs! Good thing it has 2 sheds cos it looks like we will have a new place to have the brew set up without the need to pack it away. To celebrate, we decided to purchase a keg fridge too! So now we really are living the life!

I look forward to posting pictures of our new setup once things arrive (fingers crossed it'll be this weekend.

Anyway, gotta run.

Until next time,


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beefy said...

Good one Arthur 'Two Sheds', welcome back to the blog mate, and welcome to Brad. Hoping to give back a little of what he started for me all those years ago. The team is back, and now we have Stass' place to make and drink (from the tap) beer at!