Monday, April 25, 2011

The Keg Blows...and other Radelaide Adventures


I must have jinxed it in my last post as the keg of Rogue's Choc Stout did not even make it to Saturday. It blew on Thursday night, just 24 hours after it got tapped. So needness to say I was quite disappointed when we went in of Saturday to find it had gone. Even the Rogue's Brutal IPA that replaced the Choc Stout blew while we were there on Saturday. It was sad that even a Moo Brew Dark Ale on tap could not lift my spirits. Still, 3 pints and 2 fancies wasn't too bad I guess...

Before the Wheaty opened on Saturday, my sis and I headed out to Loberthal to visit the Bierhaus for lunch, where I had a tasting paddle of their range. The pilsner was quite good by itself with a bit of texture and a decent hop flavour (ok, inoffesive for me) on a light but full body. However, after tasting the others and coming back to it, of course it did not stand up well, but a good aussie thirst quencher. The hef had good banana flavour but not overbearing to still make it easy drinking. The pale ale was fine, but the hops they used did not seem to match great with the malt. At least they are trying for a bit of flavour in a pale anyway. Surprisingly, the IPA came out best for me. a good solid malt body with a nice honeyed hop flavour that I have been getting into recently. It even held up well as it warmed, unlike the other lighter styled beers. The porter was my sis's fav with some big roasted flavours coming of a lighter-than-expected textured beer. Was just a bit too toasted for me and gave it a big dry back to it. Having had the Choc Oatmeal stout at the Wheaty it was good to compared the handpump cask vs the keg. The roasted flavour of the porter was also present in the kegged oatmeal stout, something that is very much diminished on the handpump. The texture was not quite there as well, showing that the Wheaty was serving it better than the brewery it comes from.

I went with the pork for lunch while my sis had the duck. To be honest the sides of sesame risotto and my mushroom and potato bake were the best parts of our dishes, as the meat was a little dry. I also tried their Devil's Choice Belgium Strong Ale, which at 10.2% does hit pretty hard and has a good traditional flavour with spice nicely mixed in with the malt and yeast of this style.

Apart from dealing with my disappointment back at the Wheaty, we also purchased a couple of local ciders to try out. The Lobo Royale apple cider is very pear like in flavour, even though we also got a perry (yet to have it so far though). had a good texture and nice aftertaste, especially when many ciders to me have a tart backpalate and aftertaste I do not enjoy. Supposely nobles apples have been used and it has been aged to help mellow it out, which is quite nice, but for me could not get over the pear-like flavour. I will be interested to see what the Perry tastes like. There also seems to be quite a bit of sediment in them, which I think actually helps it.

Ok, that is enough for one post. It now means we don't have the Rogue's Choc Stout on tap for easter, but am sure we will find a way around it...



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