Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adelaide Easter Wrap Up


Well I made it back to Melbourne and found out last night that a bar here had a keg of Rogue's Chocolate Stout. Still, after the adventure I have had I am quite happy to have been over at (R)adelaide.

After the choc-filled easter, I went back on the Monday to try out some other beers at the Wheaty, including the new Little Creatures Marzen (good caramel malt with classic 'Creature' hopping, and to try the LC Pale through the hop infuser (can't remember the NZ hop they used, but gave it a good citrus flavour that reminded me of the Bright Ale). Had a dip with the local Southwark Old Stout which with it's higher alcohol led well into the De Molen Hemel & Aarde (very peaty Russian Imperial Stout) and the Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout (Really is very chocolately when drunk against the De Molen, and I found a favourite of Jade's!). With my taste buds basically fried after all that I decided I should try the Epic Armageddon IPA, which killed off the last of them.

On Tuesday I tried to visit Brew Boys but found they were closed, so found a bottlo (Melbourne Street Cellars) that had a pretty good selection of beers. I encouraged my sis to try and Lindemanns Faro and Holgate Temptress before getting sick after eating lunch in the city. Therefore, I did not head into the Wheaty that day, but made up for it Wednesday with a couple more beers and a take away Rogue's Choc Stout that I have brought back with me to Melbourne.

I am just getting geared up for Stass's 29th birthday party and will be taking some special beers along for the occassion of course. I will also be trying our kegging our first brews from our new keg fridge set up (went with a ginger beer and a dark ale with added chocolate malt for our first two kegged beers) which has me pretty exciting and hoping this opens up a new world of brewing (ok, consuming) beer. With a faster turn around, we can start experimenting even more and learning even faster from each brew to take into the next.

Last night I hit Purvis for free beer tasting Friday with the Kooinda range, found the Fancy Pants Amber from Mountain Goat is back on tap (and I have work at the Goat lined up for next week. Yay!) and before ending on a Temptress at the Royston, also tried the new Hop Harvest from Bridge Road, which has a pretty zesty sort of hop I don't recognise, but don't mind as it is not so acid-like, and fizzes more than burns the tongue with hops.

As Beer Week approaches I am looking forward to the Slowbeer tasting and Crafty Pint taking over the Royston, and have to thank Slowbeer for holding back their last growler of Holgate Empress for me while I was away in Adelaide.

Well, here is to beer. Cheers,


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