Monday, April 25, 2011

Solid and Liquid Chocolate Easter Taste Off!


So even though the Rogue's Choc stout was now no longer available for Easter day, my sis and I still decided we needed to do some tasting off off choc beers and eggs, so after purchasing a few different types of easter eggs, we hit the Wheaty and collected all the chocolate beers we could get.

So, in the pint glass we have Loberthal Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, and of course from the bottle we have Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Rogue's Chocolate Stout. In terms of finding a god combination of egg with beer, here are our results.

The Young's has for me quite a bitter/dark chocolate flavour (but not really to good sort) and so we found that we needed quite a sweet chocolate to help balance it out. Therefore we both agreed the highly sugared white choc eggs were the best companion.

As for the Loberthal, there is not a great deal of flavour coming off the handpump, so it sort of come down to what flavoured egg you like to go with the. The crunchie and caramello eggs somehow didn't work, but best I could find was the standard milk choc egg that mixed well with the texture off the beer to help coat the tongue with it. Really though, there was no real standout.

With the Rogue's I had so wanted to caramello to win, but again it just didn't work as well. Mind you, my sis did like it in combination with the crunchie egg, whereas I found a nice nutty flavour to come from the standard milk choc egg. The beer just seems that good it is capable of incorporating other flavours into it. Seeing out of the bottle it is a bit more bitter than out of the keg, having the milk choc added to it brought it closer to the keg version with the sweet choc in combo with the bitter to give it better balance and fuller flavour.

By the end of that tasting, our table was getting pretty messy, but then Jade came along and advised we try The Rogue's Double Moccha Porter with a dark chocolate egg, which actually went pretty well. It also seemed to do ok in the Rogue's Choc Stout. The other disappointment (yes, apart from not have the Rogue's Choc Stout on tap and the caramello did not go with any of the beers) is that the creme eggs did not go well with anything as well.

So with our sugar levels high after 4 hours of all this, I hit the Wii to try and burn some off and found it hard getting to sleep last night. Still, at least it meant I was not too bad this morning heading into the city for the dawn service and playing more Wii this morning. Still, another visit to the Wheaty is about to happen, so I better get off here and start seeing what other beers I can try while I am over here.

Hope you all have a lovely easter, and have made an effort today to remember the diggers. They made not have had great beer to drink back in the days their legend was born, but they have given us the opportunity to live fuller lives overall, and for me that includes beer (damn, that sounds sad right?), so I'll enjoy a good beer they probably never got to (unless maybe those that made it to Belgium. My appologies if what I just said offends anyone).



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