Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moo Brew Pilsner Tasting, and tasting, and tasting...

Sorry to rain on your parade Stass, and put a post on so soon after you posted one, but was at Beer Delux last night trying out the Moo Brew Pilsner on tap. I was actually on my second beer when Stass called me to let me know the keg fridge had been purchased, so had a few things to toast to, and so needed to have 7 beers to get all my toasting in...I felt a bit toasted by the end.
It has been a while since I tried this beer, but have to say I could notice that it tasted a lot crisper and brighter from the tap. I don't know if it is carbonation or if it is just that well brewed, but the hops seemed to have that nice tingle on the tongue rather than overpower in flavour. Still, the beer is robust enough that you can keep tasting it pretty well, even after having a few, and even as the cold weather has got me heading towards darker beers. Seeing it was also free helped me to keep going back to it to.
Was lucky enough to meet up with Owen and remind him of my visit last August (I'm that 'Bogan' guy), and who should he be talking to but Dave from Mountain Goat, so was able to catch up with him as well. It is becoming a good feeling knowing I am getting out there and meeting a lot of the people I want to be hanging out with more to get me further with beer, and can't help feel a bit of momentum starting to happen through all this. It also seems to be making a bit of difference on here, with there being a lot more visitors than normal visiting this blog.
So 7 beers, along with a Moo Brew hat, a slice of pizza, and a chat to some brewers all for free. And I get to go back to Beer Delux tonight for the Moo Brew Masterclass dinner, this time hopefully I'll get some pics to share the beer and food combos I will be having.

Ah, 'tis good.


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