Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saison Tasting

So, the tasting went pretty well on Saturday. Jami, Nadene, Stew and myself got together to taste 4 Saisons; Bridge Road Saison, Bridge Road Printemps Saison, Saison Dupont Biologique, and the St Feuillien Saison.

Testing out my new camera, I put together this vid from the tasting. Not so much about the beers, but about the good times had around beer, so thanks to all of you for coming along for it.

Having just recently tasted the Bridge Road Saison (seeing it came 9 in the critics choice of aussie beers) I knew the nice light fruity flavours from this beer, so was interested more in its comparison with the Printemps version. There was definitely more roundness in the flavours and more depth of fruit. almost like a blueberry addition to the blend that worked well and added more body to the beer. I think a definite improvement on the base, and so thought it might stack up well against the true Belgian Saisons. Well, was I ever proven wrong. Not to say this Aussie attempt is not good, but the originals are still the best. The Saison Dupont had more texture and sweetness upfront that really rose itself above the Printemps, but it was really when we hit the St Feuillien that even more texture and a lovely caramel came into the beer to give it an even fuller flavour. I sensed that this may have come from having used a dark candied sugar like what Stass and I have used in out honey wheat beer, so if something like this result can come through into our, I will be greatly pleased.

Turning the tasting further from the easy drinking start to a more robust finish was a great journey into these beers, and have to say, finished on my favourite from the tasting. I think everyone else noticed this as well, and the taste (and silliness) progressed well through the beers. unfortunately I did not take any detailed notes, but did notice some of us found more dryness in the Belgian beers and a bit more of the bubblegum that is classic Belgium yeast. Still, the Bridge Road attempts are great for most aussies that will have not tried this style of beer before, and as I said in previous posts is a good step for the aussie palate getting away from mainstream beers.



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