Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 23: Smashed on One Beer, not good preparation for Oktoberfest

Hello All,

Have just had lunch and decided to have my final beer in the fridge, the Aventus Weizen-Eisbock. Ok, so it is a 12% beer, and seeing Jaimi didn't want to even taste it, had to take it alone. At the moment it is fully in my system, and feels like I have had about 4 beers (so perfect time to be in the blog writing up about it).

So, as you can see in the photo, it comes out a bit on the darker side for a wheat beer (but with some added barley malt), but can tell on the smell, they have had to up the type of yeast they use to get the beer to 12%. Therefore, I am really getting a lot of the bubblegum flavour I tend to get from these German wheat beers that have a bit of alcohol to them. Still, at least having this means that the alcohol doesn't burn you as much as it could, as it takes only a short time for it to hit your palate, and from there you are just getting bubblegum and alcohol. However, it does cleanse ok in aftertaste, so at least you don't have an alcohol burn during or after each taste.

So while I come down from this beer, I have some planning to try and do. While I am heading down to Munich tomorrow for Oktoberfest, I have decided I should probably be in a place with not much beer so I can recover from this beer festival, so booked a flight to Istanbul to meet up with the man that first got me into brewing (Brad), and his recently made wife Seda (who has just received her visa to live and work in Australia. Yay!). Having contacted Stass (who was able to make it to Turkey for their wedding), there is at least one Turkish beer to try while I am there, so hopefully can give you notes on that when I have a go of it myself. Still, just to keep this trip a bit unpredictable (the German beers aren't doing it too much for me), going to throw myself in the deep end this way.

Anyway, for now I should get rid of all the beer bottles I have collected on my beer journey of Berlin, and get ready for Munich. In case I only make it back to Berlin to get my flight back home, a big thanks to all the aussies over here that have been great company and who I have hopefully given something to think about next time they go for a beer here and anywhere else they happen to have one. It's been great to see and meet you all, and wish I hadn't gotten lost in the backstreets of Neukolln last night so I could have made the Planet Love Sound gig. Still, hopefully can be back for a night or two before I leave on the 5th for one last beer with you all.



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