Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 17: Oktoberfest Begins!!!!...but not quite yet for me.

So now it is officially not Joel's birthday back in Australia (he probably doesn't care it is no longer his birthday as he is dancing up a storm at the Purple Emerald), I can now say Happy 200th Oktoberfest, as it is still Saturday in Germany (Yay). Jaimi has left me so he can do a gig tonight, so this morning watched on TV the procession of beer going into the Oktoberfest area and the ceremonial 'tapping' of the first keg. Of course all the commentary was in German (where is Gordon Bray or Phil Kearns when you need them?), but was good to finally see what happens for this festival. From here on I think it is easy to figure out. So while there is a third beer festival for my third weekend of this trip, I will wait til next weekend to get on that one.
As for this weekend, I have already taken Jaimi's bike out for a tour of the disused Tempelhof airport runway this arvo and picked up the last of the supplies I need to make a Bailey's potato bake, which hopefully will happen tomorrow when James and Lottie come over for dinner. Speaking of which, I will be catching up with James in about an hour to do some beer shopping (of course keeping you posted on the beer we find and try), but for now, testing the Bailey's to make sure it is okay to be used in the potato bake tomorrow (hmmm...yep, it should do).
This quiet weekend will continue tomorrow, when I hope to head just out of Berlin to see Sachenhausen Concentration Camp (it was actually a brewery before it was used as a camp), and then dinner with friends and feel very lucky to live this life.


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