Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 22: Biking and Biergarten-ing

Having survived our attempt at roasting a duck last night (along with more of the Bailey's potato bake), again woke up this morning feeling the need for a quiet day, as feeling I have done Berlin to death (well, the touristy things anyway) and ready to move on to Munich. Still, just when I am feeling like not going out, again the weather comes out great and decide that another bike ride is in order, so grab Jaimi's bike, and head back to Templehof airport to ride around the disused runway for a couple of hours.

I recalled going past a biergarten the first time I did a loop of the place, so after I had had enough of riding around, made a bee-line for that. After relaxing in the sun for a bit, decided it was time to grab a beer, so went for a thirst quencher in the Erdinger Wiessbier. It went down too easy and just how you would want it on a day like this. Not too much flavour for the reason I was drinking, but still a good tasting beer in it's own right.

Still, after that felt the need for something a bit more, so upgraded to the Erdinger Dunkel, which I had at the pub earlier in the week. Was just what my tastebuds wanted, and with some good tunes enjoyed an hour sipping on it and enjoying being in the sun. I may be feeling the need for a change on this trip, but good to see can still be happy with a few simple things to keep me content where I am. Seeing Munich beergardens will be pretty crazy, glad to have had a nice quiet beergarden experience to even it out.

Also, have a gig to look forward to tonight with Planet Love Sound, so hopefully there are some beers available at the venue that will keep my taste buds happy, along with my ears.


PS: Happy birthday to more friends, this time Jess and Loz. Why did I plan this trip just to miss out on so many events back home? Oh yeah, 3 beer festivals. Hmm, how does LoztoberJess sound for this weekend's beer festival in honour of you girls?

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Joe said...

Hey Beefy

Although you got lost on the way to the show (haha)
Thanks so much for the PLS mentions !!

Hope you're well !