Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 20: Hit the Wall...But BBBounced Back

With energy levels running low and feeling like I am losing the vibe a bit, I tried to do something that I hoped would replenish me a bit, so found an area to the S/E of Berlin to walk through the forests and hills around the lake of Grosser Muggelsee. It was very nice to get into this sort of space, and it did help me get through the morning, but once I hit about the 5km mark I hit the wall, and had to make my way back through the park and to Jaimi's for what I thought would be a much needed kip (I may still need one). Still, got back just as he was leaving, and thought to myself I just want to do something that reminded of home and all the events I am missing with friends in Melbourne. So, I have learnt anywhere in the world I have been I have the ingredients available to be able to make a potato bake, so put some Phoenix tunes on and made one.

So after adding a little Bailey's with the cream topping on the potato bake, busting out some air guitar to Funkysquaredance and dancing around Jaimi's kitchen to Fences, feel up to having a couple of beers, while the tunes are still going and the potato bake does its thing in the oven.

Starting on the Gesser Dunkler Bock, has a similar look and smell to the cola tasting porter of last night, and unfortunately, it also has the cola taste. Still, it has 6.8% to kick in some alcohol flavour towards the end to make it feel more like a beer, and it comes in a flip-top bottle. The best thing I can say about this beer then is that it is easy drinking and has some alcohol.

Ok, now I am not satisfied but had a hit of alcohol, lets get onto the Riegele Speziator Doppelbock Dunkel. slight darker in colour to the previous, but again, head disappears very quickly (hmm, not a good sign. still, could just be the alcohol at 7.5%).
Smell not encouraging, but first taste shows some roasted malt flavours to go with the alcohol to make it taste a bit more like a beer. still has a background of cola flavour, but at least it is in the background. alcohol definitely is stronger so glad to have had the Gesser first as it may sting a bit more as a first beer.

So, now I have drunk a bit of alcohol on an empty stomach, I'm gonna sign off before I start making more spelling an grammar mistakes than what I have probably already made. Potato bake is smelling good, so hoping to hook into that soon.



PS: have just found out there is a stats area of this blog where I can see how many people have viewed the blog, and am happy to say that we have reached 1000 (nearly 700 in just the last month. Wow!) page views and over 100 blog posts. Thanks to everyone who has checked out the site from all over the world. It humbles Stass and I greatly to think people might be interested in what we have to say about beer (is that right Stass?)

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