Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 14: Roaming Berlin and Pork Knuckle

So, a better weather day so we were able to take advantage of it. I took a stroll around one of the neighbouring suburbs to where Jaimi is, then we hit the Zoo (who thought pigs, cows and chooks were animals for the zoo?), and with pigs on our mind, we hit a pub on the way back to Jaimi's and I tried a 900g pork knuckle in beer sauce with a beer (Berliner Marcus Brau Dark). The beer was translucent brown and while had a nice caramel start it was fairly watery in texture and hops hit mid palate, died, then came back as a dry aftertaste. I also noticed it seemed to be gassy the first taste I had. The pork knuckle was big, but alot of it was bone, so wasn't the struggle I thought it would be. The pork was a bit dry but the sauce helped (even if i couldn't get any sense of beer from it). Jaimi had the better tasting pork dish with the same beer sauce, but he went the Berliner Marcus Brau Blonde/Pils, which JF described as having a 'citrus nose, and citrus hit upon tasting. spike of hops but dies away quickly'. Only thing I would note beyond this is that the flavour is unstable overall with the high citrus, then hop taste, and again, watery in texture. On the way home we stopped at a supermarket so I could pick up some cocoa helva (that Nadene had recommended I try), and chocolate brownies (Jaimi's recommendation). I was a little unsure about the helva at first as it has sesame seed flavour with the cocoa, and that was also giving me weird textural vibes. But, I reckon it is close to a chocolate waffer and don't mind the flavour. However, the brownies were better in my opinion with the moist cakeness and centre of chocolate in the middle (Sorry Denewey).
We are about to hit another pub tonight and meet some more people, so hopefully can find a few more beers to try. With supermarkets having beer, it has been hard trying to find a beer store to find all the German beers I wish to try. Don't worry, I will keep looking...
Tonight ended up at a venue with a variety of music including a beat boxing harmonicist and a harp playing worldy scotsman (all this live music reminded me I was about to miss a Twoks vs Tim Cannon gig tonight :(... Sad Panda) meeting some locals and having a drinking journey that went; beer, beer, Bailey's, Jagermeister (one of the local girls got that for me) and then ending on beer again.
Journey went as such. Luch's Kellerbier has some nice sweet blonde malt that has some texture to it. Some depth and roundness I can't quite put my finger on but maybe has something to do with the style. Luch's Pils again has sweetness but am this time picking up on the honey flavour that may have been in the first. This honey neutralises the hops, so I have found a pils I can enjoy! The Bailey's came in time to enjoy the harpist play a couple of traditional irish/scottish tunes, but went downhill with the jager, and on the way home we stopped at a bottlo and picking from label, choose a dodgy Augustiner-Braeu Munchen Edelstoff which had a massive dry, hop taste that I don't want to think about ever again. After the Kellerbier, JF stuck to Berliner Pils and nearly did a kebab from the place up the road from him. but instead had a roll when we got back to his. Hoping for another nice day tomorrow so I can explore more of this city.


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