Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 1: Arrive Brussels

Hi All,

have made it into Brussels after 26 hours of travel. been a long haul and thiings started going pear-shaped a bit when i got in here, but hopefully with a good kip i'll be right to get into beers tomorrow. Still, i did go against my principle when i realised I was in the UK at Heathrow and could potentially get a real guinness. I therefore put some left over aussie cuurency into exchange and found a place i got get a pint. don't know if it was weariness, but it went down very well. almost too well. still, only had a 45min last leg to do, so didn't fall asleep (mind you, somehow the guy next to me did). so in the one day i have had the longest and shortest flights of my life (14 hours, and 45mins).
Sorry i am talking about this non-beer related stuff. This will start tomorrow. I think it will be a trappist day, one of which i have never tried before, and of course none from here itself.

well, shower and bed time!



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