Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 24: Munich and Music

So we have made it down to Munich yesterday, and been very lucky to be able to stay with a friend of Jaimi’s for the two nights we are here. I was able to meet Manfred, Jacob and Tanya at Jaimi’s gig, then meet up with Manfred’s other half Christine at there house after the gig to eat salami (they have just come back from a trip to Italy) and drink wine. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of all six of us there. Through Jaimi I have had another door open to me and really appreciate that they are open to me as a tag alonger of his. I found Manfred is an All Blacks supporter and not entirely looking forward to seeing them choke again next year in the world cup. Even at the café last night, the people there were so nice they tried not to let me pay for my beers, seeing I was with Jaimi. Still, I couldn’t let them do that, after finding an interesting dunkel to try. It was a Maisacher bier (Rauber…something) and seemed to be a regional beer of the area. Speaking to Jacob about it (he spent 6 months in Sydney) he could appreciate the differences in beers between our countries, and found the yeast is a big difference (of course along with the hops), and I have to agree, especially when it comes to the bubblegum flavour I can get in the higher alcohol beers.

Still, as for this beer, it was quite watery and seemed to be pretty mainstream, but had enough malt and hop characteristic and 5% alcohol to make it a decent beer, and one I enjoyed a few times over on the night. I was asked whether I wanted to try a spiced dunkel when I had the first beer, but decided against it (which I was told was a good choice but the guitar shop owner’s wife) still, might have been good to try. It is funny how once the language barrier is opened (by the German’s speaking English) how much better an experience I have. While I did manage to record Jaimi playing some of his songs, inbetween and after was too interested in talking to them that I forgot to get other photos. Also, I find it interesting that watching Jaimi get up and do his ‘thang’ you re-realise how talented he is. I guess I got so use to seeing him as just a travel buddy, you forget about his ability in this. Still, the locals here have seen him more times at gigs than I have. One other thing I have to say is that the crowds here are very responsive and appreciative of music. At many places in Australia, people are talking over and not showing respect for the musicians. Here, they are very quiet during the show/song, but very boisterous once a song is done (even if the café he was playing in last night could only hold 30 people). I can see why Jaimi and other musicians enjoy playing to these types of crowds.

Still, today we have our one day of Oktoberfest, and have been warned and guided by the locals as to how best to stay away from the traps of this event. Still, I have to say I am a little scared and excited to see how it goes, and will be happy just to have one or two just to say I have done it, and tick it off the list of beer festivals I have been to. Am sure there will be enough atmosphere around us anyway, that we won’t want to add anymore.


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