Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cascade Premium Lager (5%)

Okay, I am sure by now people are thinking that I am pretty snobby about beers. They would be right in thinking that way, apart from my rule of not refusing a free drink. Ok, so I received a case of this beer free, but I have to say, if I was to buy beer for a party where I didn't know what everyone drank, I think this beer would come to mind. I am sure my friends are wondering if I have gone a bit crazy, but I think as well as drinking the interesting and novel beers there are on offer, there are some standard, easy accessible beers that are satisfying as well. Sure, I have had my time when Toohey's New, Extra Dry, etc were my staples, and have moved on in some way, but I think it helps to bring the drinker back to some of these beers, to see how their taste is developing, and with that a different appreciation for the more standard beers. This beer has great heritage coming from the oldest brewer in Australia, and Tassie does pretty well with beers, so is a good start. As it is summer, we are all looking for easy drinking beers, and this one is definitely that (in fact, I am onto my second now). The hops bring a freshness to the taste, and don't linger as badly as many other aussie lagers. the body is light but smooth and the tongue tingles with the crispness of the beer. If it is a sessional beer you are looking for, this is a good one to get into, and who isn't with the hot, long days of summer here. Basically, you could do a lot worse. Still, I think water is needed when having a big one on these to fend off dehydration and to keep the taste fresh in your mouth between beers. Wow, I must be getting so old when I start giving advice like this. Luckily I am turning 29 on Sunday, and if Guinness is an old man's beer, I have been old for a while.

- Beef

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