Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Young's Christmas Pudding Ale (5.5%)

Well, it's been some time since I've written an entry, but I start again in the full swing of the festive season. I spotted this on special at a local bottle 'o and thought that I'd give it a try (given that I quite liked Young's Double Chocolate Stout, my expectations were high).

On the nose, there is a hint of dried fruit (such as raisons, currents and citrus rind) but their is a much stronger smell which at this point in time, I can only describe as 'sweet buttery smell'. Whether it is the smell of brown sugar and butter cooking (i.e. caramel smell) or something a little different, I can't tell at the moment. Never the less, I will proceed undeterred.

The aroma of the beer is quite a large smell, but the actual taste on the pallet is somewhat of a disappointment after such a bold aroma. Other than a smooth, buttery texture over the tongue and the overhangs of the aroma in the taste, you are left with a pretty standard taste.

I will re-visit with a fresh pallet but I was a little disappointed to be honest.


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