Sunday, December 13, 2009

250th Anniversary - Guinness

Seeing today is my birthday and it is the 250th Anniversary of Guinness Brewery this year, I decided that my birthday beer is the Anniversary Stout Guinness produced earlier this year. While it has a similar smell and taste to a usual Guinness Stout, I do have to say that overall it did not impress me that much and resembled more of a brown ale that a Guinness. Of course there are troubles with bringing a full creamy taste to a beer imported from Ireland to Australia, but can't help but be a little disappointed. I can also understand that through this anniversary, Guinness are also looking to broaden their market, and a brown ale style beer would go down much better with the general populous than the usual stout. Still, as a enjoyer of Guinness, it does leave me a little flat over this offering. As one of the lucky people to have travelled to Ireland to have 'real' Guinness, this far pales in comparision, but I guess in terms of what we can get in Australia, it is not too bad, and again, a beer more accessible to people who may not have tried Guinness before, or didn't like what they have tried previously. Still, this beer will go down easy over the course of the day. Horray!
Also, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Guinness on their success over the past 250 years through the lease at St James Gate, Dublin (only 8750 years left on the lease now), the water issues Arthur had when he established the brewery, and the great work made to directing efforts to perfect their stout. I can definitely say it has inspired me into an interest in beers and brewing, and the making of my alter ego Guinness Man. To celebrate all this, I have put together a little movie over the past 8 months that I would like to share with my friends and everyone that comes onto this blog. Hopefully it gives you an insight into the beer drinker in general, and of me personally.

Well, enough of this fingers tapping a keyboard business, there are much better uses for my hands, like holding my Guinness. A Very Guinnessy Christmas to you all.

 - Beef/Guinness Man

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