Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alhambra Negra (5.4%)

So I met up with my brother and his girlfriend at a tapas restaurant the other night, and while I did see a Chilean Stout that may have been interesting, I decided I would try this Spanish dark beer. what little head there was disappeared soon after it was poured. This immediately reminded me of Tooheys Old, and must say from here alot of the taste and feel of the beer also took me back to this beer. there was the roasted malt taste and the fairly waterly mouthfeel which made it easy to drink. there was also a slight hoppy aftertaste which discerned it from an Old, which I guess was there to freshen the palate after drinking, but didn't do much for me. It did go well with the black sausage we were eating, and can also say the slices of apple with the black sausage was a good combination.
Seeing it was similar but not better than a Tooheys Old it hasn't made that much of an impression on me. but is good to see that Spain can make decent dark beer. But then I guess a Spanish would say the same of Australia after having a Tooheys Old.

- Beef

PS: Happy Month Birthday of Beerdakari!

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