Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday Sess

Okay Okay, it is Tuesday, but only just had a chance to put this up.

After a quiet morning Stass and I got together to play PS3 and the Wii, of course with one of our homebrew choc beers going down well on the cold rainy day.

With Joel leaving for overseas yesterday and Mick feeling the need for a great parma, we hit the Royston where I taste tested the difference between the Moo Brew Pale Ale and the Bridge Road Pale Ale. The Moo Brew was more to my personal liking with a rounded malt flavour and [I feel] better matching of the hops with the malt, whereas the Bridge Road was too hoppy for my liking (therefore, probably more of a real American Pale Ale).

Then, after dinner and the last time I was to see Joel for a few months, we cemented our style of friendship with opposite beers, a got pay back for him bring a bottle of Sol to a party of mine not too long ago. So yeah, he had the watery Sol, and I had a Sierra Nevarda Stout, which I received from my landscaping boss on Friday. The creamy choc bitterness could not be much further away from the Sol, so they were very appropriate for the situation.

I have many more beers from the boss to try out out the next 2 weeks before my birthday and then have just confirmed that there is a chrissy beer tasting happening at Slowbeer on the 15th, which I am very much looking forward to, as most have a Belgian style to them. Let's hope it is a stinking 40C degree day for these dark, fruity and spicy beers to make it a very ironic tasting.



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