Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to Beerdakari

So, after many beers, brews, thoughts and journeys, we have already hit the first birthday of this blog. I guess like how many philosopher's think of their own musings, this is a bit of a brain-child for me, and thank god I don't actually have a kid, as putting this much beer into a real child would have not been good for it.

Still, it has been a great experience so far for me to be able to put down any thoughts, tastings and anything beer related I come in contact with on this blog. Being blessed with a bad memory, I need this space to help keep track of the beers I have tried, enjoyed, or just know what never to drink again.

Just the other night, Stass and I were able to think about the improvements we have made in our beer brewing tasting off some of the choc beers we have made over the past year. We are both pretty pleased with the latest one, and looking forward to keep trying at it and other beers (yep, there are a few experiments we are still looking to try our hands at). Still, nothing comes close to the Holgate Choc Porter we had at the Terminus Hotel In Clifton Hill tonight. Happy Anniversary mate!

Still, for me, it is pretty poignant that this birthday comes just after my beer journey of Europe and while I try to build some momentum to find a 'beer career' and see if this interest can become more than just a hobby. The beer resume is coming along, and Stass has kindly allowed me to use him as a reference in it...Okay, it is a weird concept, but not being mates with a brewer or anyone involved in beer, this is a way I see of just getting me out there. With me turning 30 in a month, it's all becoming a bit of a turning point in life, and it has been great to have this blog to see my interest grow in this area, and the effect having this blog has had on me.

Anyway, here is to a year of documented beer adventures with my brother in beer Stass. I am interested to see where this blog finds me in the next year. I only hope for one thing, that I am still enjoying beer with friends.

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PS: isn't this a cute couple!!!! What are you grabbing for Jess!!!!??? Come on, he has already given you a ring, what else do you want?!

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