Saturday, November 13, 2010

Biero Bar

Why has it taken me so long to visit this place?
Post RACV gig with Jarrod, Harriet, Jessica and Joel, we hit this bar to try a few of their beers. A nice selection of varied bottled beers, and enough on tap to keep you interested. Harriet and I have just started a contest to brew a choc raspberry beer, so I went with the choc side with beer selections, where as she went the raspberry with a Danish framboise. Had some qualities of a lambic with a slight tartness, and was good to see a real beer instead of artificially sweetened fruit beer. I went with a Hitacio Nest Sweet Stout which was fine, but still yet to find one from this brewer I really enjoy. However after that had to try the Renaissance Oatmeal Choc Stout, which having been disappointed with it from the bottle found it great on tap. Thanks to Stew for telling me to hit this place to try this beer, as it was worth it. Definitely had qualities of the Holgate Choc Porter in smell but still with some bitterness at the back when tasting. But the creaminess really comes through from the oatmeal when on tap. Jarrod went an I Hardcore You IPA (combo of Brew Dog and Mikkeller) which has a good full flavour and dry finish, but the hop selection I think is quite good in it, and then a Moo Brew Dark Ale on tap. Joel had a NZ pilsner that wasn't offensive (sorry, that is the best I can say about it mate).
The bar staff were pretty enthusiastic to chat and share thoughts on beers they had on offer, and without a VB or Carlton Draught in sight, puts it in the top places for a beer in Melbourne. Dare say there will be another visit soon...hmmm, it is my birthday in a month...



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