Monday, November 15, 2010

"We're not here to f*#k spiders"...a Berliner's Beer Journey

Hi All,

If you have read the last part of my beer journey of Europe, you will know I left behind 4 beers for James, Joe and Jaimi to try out. They have finally gotten around to it and am happy to say they made videos of their journey, that I have pieced together here.

What a great experience it was to get each of these from the gang and couldn't wait to see the next along the way. Love the reactions to Coopers and the Germany Smoke Wheat beer. Was going to go the dark smoke beer for you guys, but thought that would be too intense (the intensity that you smelt in the smoke wheat is how it tastes in the dark version). Don't worry Joe, it may taste like liquified smoke ham or beef jerky, but there is no meat, it is the smoked malt which gives it that flavour. I had particular high hopes about the Rochefort 10 as it is one of my fave beers, and was glad you could pick the spirit/sipping nature of it. I think the order you guys drank them in was perfect, going from the 'clean' Coopers, 'campfire' Czech beer, 'beef jerky' Rauchweiss, and 'wintery' Rochefort.

Stass and I have enjoyed seeing this beer journey so much we just had to share it on here.

Looking forward to the sex tape Jaimi, and to seeing the rest of you back in OZ soon. Cheers to an entertaining adventure in beer, you guys made me very happy I left these beers with you.

So proud...


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