Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let Summer Begin

Welcome to the Summer months!

While the weather here in Melbourne has been a bit all over the place with showers and storms with patches of humid heat (great to be doing outdoors work in!), after a long week at work felt the need to go out on Friday. So hit Mountain Goat Brewery to try their new Summer Ale (some malt character, but a really zingy hop) and their Steam Ale through Randy that has mint and pineapple in it (hmmm, way too much mint, and only able to get a slight pineapple taste from it), then across the road to the Royston for a Moo Brew Hef (don't know if the wheat has been uped in the recipe, but was the cloudiest beer I have ever had and had lots of bubblegum in it) and dinner. Having relaxed and got a bit of a buzz from having those three beers in an hour, didn't feel like just going home.

Remembering my friend Xani had a gig at the Empress I went there and was happy to find they had my favourite summer beer (Little Creatures Bright Ale) on tap, so while hanging with Paul and Mark and Xan was enjoying a few of these. After crashing at Paul and Mark's and getting up the next morning to see a great day on the way, did the classic aussie summer thing of sitting on the couch watching the cricket (damn, those poms are beating us!), caught up with Shanti at the Town Hall Hotel to watch more of the cricket over her lunch break, accompanied by a Fat Yak, which is another decent summer beer (but I just find it a bit too hoppy compared to the Bright Ale).

On my way home from that had a quick stop at Purvis to see they had some of my fav beers in stock, so am now contemplating next weekend having a bit of a beer fest to enjoy and share some of my favourite beers I have found in my life. I already have quite a few (some that I have been saving for 18 months), but knowing I can get some more was exciting, as normally the beers I like are not that available in summer. Then when I made it home received a message from Jarrod showing he and Harriet about to put on the choc raspberry beer that will compete with Stass and mine. They seem to have found a good homebrew shop so am pretty nervous they will beat us, and it is Harriet's first time brewing!! Go for it peeps!

So things are looking good for the week to come with some better weather, still having plenty of beers to drink at my place, our choc raspberry brew nearly ready to drink, and going to be getting into some of my fav beers I have been collating for a while. I will apologies in advance if my notes on all these are not so good, as drunkeness will probable ensue with all this drinking to occur.

Still, summer is here people, so get into it!



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