Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zywiec Porter, Poland (9.5%)

...And Now For Something Completely Different...A Polish Porter. Actually, i am glad to be having this second, as there is quite a strong smoky taste, and the alcohol is quite high. not a session type of beer. There is little head but a very dark body to this beer. there is smells of chocolate and is almost port-like as well. there is a definite alcoholic tingle on the tongue that reminds me of the Gulden Draak I had recently. After the previous beer this one is really hitting me with the alcohol, so is definitely a winter warmer. not so necessary in summertime. the alcohol tastes is definitely more pronounced in this beer over the draak, but it hasn't lost any smoothness in texture which is quite appealing, and may be why i am able to drink it so easily. this is therefore a massive warning to others like myself tempted by a smooth bodied beer. respect this beer for what is can do to you. even my lips are starting to tingle. a couple more of these and i reckon i could cope with a polish winter...well, maybe for not very long. ok, as i get towards the end not feeling the alcohol slightly as much as the Draak, but much of a muchness at this level. still, the malt really helps the mask what it can and keep the smoothness of the beer intact.
Anyway, better stop writing before i babble anymore into noncoherence.

Yay for Beer.


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