Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Samuel Smith Imperial Stout (7%)

Ok, going to take this a bit slower. this Samuel Smith offering pours with less head but definitely darker in colour than the Taddy. I must confess that i have tried this before, and am generally a bit taken aback but Imperial Stouts. they seem to be hoppier and leave an aftertaste i do do enjoy. still, after the taddy, will be interesting to see how different this is in comparison.
If i thought the Taddy had some taste about it, this one is a fist slamming sort of beer. the intense sort of caramel taste in it is, while enjoyable, almost too much for a simple man like myself. The alcohol smell is also more pronounced and am glad i didn't drink this one first. much more robust than the taddy, i find it almost overbearing. each taste by itself is quite nice, but in combination, and with the higher alcohol, it is too much for me to enjoy. hopefully like the taddy, if i let it warm if may mellow out in taste.
As it warms, there does seem to be a slight mellowing. hopefully this is a sign the tastes are blending a bit more so it is not so intense. still, the alcohol taste still resides high. still, the aftertaste is also more bearable. After a great australia day weekend, this beer is now starting to make me sleepy. While i didn't have beers like this on the camp, many homebrew bright ales were consumed with great pleasure. It may not be right, but it made a great breakfast beer yesterday. I hope everyone else had a great day too, even (or especially) if you didn't start it the way i did with 2 longnecks at 8am.
anyway, as for this beer, unless sleepiness and alcohol are taking effect, the warmth has made this beer much more drinkable, however, as i have said, the intensity of this beer is too much for me to enjoy. maybe on a cold winter day i would contemplate this beer, but maybe only if shared. it sure doesn't taste like 7%.
Good luck to those that give this beer a go, and Happy Post Australia Day Everyone.



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