Monday, January 18, 2010

Surprise Beer 2 - the Unknown Homebrew

Hmmm, found the beer in my stash the other day. not sure how long it has been there for but pretty sure it is from my mate Gary (a fellow homebrewer, who has a great water source). the pours very clear and think from first taste it may be a bitter, but definitely not like a VB or Melb Bitter. This is what i think a 'real' bitter should be like, where the bitter is not just in aftertaste, but more a fundamental basis for the beer (as i say, 'real'). there is a definite sourness that i think just shows the beer is a bit out of date, but this is mainly in aftertaste, so doesn't take away from the 'main' of the beer. I wouldn't make others drink it, but as Gary's daughter knows (and everyone else that tried that mexican beer at that party), i'll drink any of Gary's out of date beers, or most out of date beers in general. Maybe not as bad at Stass and his dad having 30 years old apple wine, but still, it's age is apparent. 

Gary, now i have had the beer, I'll get the Grolsh bottle back to you. they are good for putting homebrew in!



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Gary said...


I always knew that you were a true connossieur, dare I say cognoscente though that does sound a tad more pretentious, of the 'cleansing tincture', and this review (Surprise Beer 2) justifiably confirms my opinion.

If only I could remember what it was, I'd be sure to brew some more.

Currently, 'Gazza's Show-Time Lager' is just about due to sweep all before it at the Foster show. I'll keep you informed

Gary .. take your time on the bottle!