Friday, January 29, 2010

Beer Journey Coming Soon and Maybe More

Greetings all!  Well, the holiday season is almost a distant memory as most of us get thrown back to the reality of the daily grind.  Beef and I have tried to remedy this with a spot of retail therapy, in the form of a beer gift pack. On special might I add!
We were looking for the next beer to experience and write up on BeerDakari when Beef came across this box set for $15!  Grabbing one box each, we excitedly exited the shop and chatted about the amount of money we'd saved as well as when would be a good time to start this beer journey.
We decided that since we had 2 boxes (containing: 1x La Trappe Blond (6.5%), 1x La Trappe Dubbel (7%), 1x La Trappe Tripel (8%), 1x La Trappe Quadrupel (10%) and 1x La Trappe tasting glass), we should enjoy one box and then use the second box to take some more detailed notes about what we were tasting and our thoughts.  This one is going to be interesting so stay tuned!
One other thing that could be in the pipe line is a blog entry on shopping for beer.  What you might look for in a kit beer, what equipment you might need for basic brews and where is a good place to start for supplies.

We look forward to bringing you more entries over the coming weeks.

- Stass

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