Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Samuel Smith Taddy Porter (5%)

Wow! A dark, rich porter that does not leave a lingering coffee roasted taste in the mouth. A very pleasant taste with a slight tingle on the tongue, with a bitter chocolate smell. the tingle may well be from minerally water. the blend of malts and hops is very well done. I can't say this very often, but it is a very easy drinking porter. I would say that if someone had never had a porter before, this would be a good one to try them on. however, there is still quite an intense taste while it rolls on the tongue. Still, without a harsh aftertaste, even if someone did not enjoy it it won't leave a psychological scar on their tastebuds. A very good english style stout/porter. It still has a smooth texture, however, with the dissipation of taste after swallowing, I can't help but sense wateryness, but i think this is just from never having a smooth stout/porter that doesn't leave a lingering aftertaste. I am actually surprised at how quickly i am drinking it. It is not exactly a summer beer, mind you, I have found my tolerance to be quite capable of overcoming this most of the time. This is a beer i would recommend my brother and stass to try. they both seem to like a bit of taste in their beer. It is funny, last week i had a beechworth robust porter, and besides being lighter in texture, i sense similarities here.
As i continue and the beer is allowed to warm (not much with me drinking it so quickly though) the tingle on the tongue is reducing, the smell is less intense, and there is a mellowness in the chocolate taste that only makes this beer more enjoyable. therefore another first. a beer that is good cold and as it warms. the hops do not become overemphasised, the chocolate/malt taste has not diminished and there is still no offensive aftertaste. ok, so there is the possibility i am drinking it too quickly and so mellowing out (in mind and tastebuds) myself. One thing i have been intrigued about recently is the term 'dryness' when describing beers. i have heard Guinness described this way, and must say there is a sort of sense of what that might be with this non-lingering aftertaste. I get the same thing from Guinness, so am wondering if this is the case here. anyone that knows about this, please leave a comment to deny or confirm my sense.
Until then (and after it), i am just going to keep enjoying this beer. Samuel Smith triumphs again!!!!


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