Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black Snout Milk Stout (5.5%)

So, have most of the day off work today, and lucky...this beer comes in a 750ml bottle. The rain is coming down outside, so is good weather to enjoy a beer like this.

There is a creamy bitter chocolate smell coming from this beer that translates well into the taste. The bitterness is a bit harsh for my taste, and comes in a bit too early in the palate to get much else. There is definitely a milkiness which while a little 'bloaty', is a flavour I would like more from this beer. Luckily seeing the bitterness is from the malt, it does not hang around too much on the back palate, but leave the tongue a little dry.

Compared to the two previous beers, I can now see the impact the oatmeal has on beer, as while the lactose (I guess) adds to the flavour, it does not seem to add as much creamy texture to the beer. There is still a decent body to the beer, but for me the sense of bitterness seems to 'water' the beer a bit, almost like separating it a little like alcohol can do.

So, I now have the arvo to continue enjoying this beer, so then have one more of Tim's beers to have tomorrow as my last day's work before my birthday. Hope you are feeling better mate. It worked out well so that now we don't have to work in this rain.



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