Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Renaissance Craftsman Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (4.9%)

Having now tried this brew from the tap, I have a better appreciation of this beer. From the bottle the sweet choc smell does come through, but there is not quite the oatmeal body that I had from the tap, also not as much as yesterday's oatmeal stout.

I think there is more bitterness that I am getting from the bottle which i do not think is as present in the 'on tap' version I had a few weeks ago. So guess I can see a pattern with on tap beers like this, as I can remember that when I had real Guinness for the first time in Ireland a few years back, the main differences I could see between it and the bottled/canned version(s) was that it more creamy and less bitter on tap in Ireland.

However, I do quite enjoy the smell, and it is too bad this does not equate to taste too much, as the bitterness does come in quite early on the tongue.

Well, I am happy to have a better appreciation of this beer, and that I can find better qualities from it than I have found previously. Still, make sure to have it on tap (I know Bar Biero had it on recently, but that is the only place I have found it).

two down, two to go...


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