Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 30: Bamberg Beer Pub Crawl

So, has been great drinking weather today with overcast skies and the occasional bit of rain. managed to go and do my tourist tour before the other tourists arrived, then booked my tickets to Prague and Berlin for the end of the trip, then going to a brewery museum (next door to a church) before getting in the beers themselves.
The tasting started at Ambrausianum with the Wezien (darker bubblegum flavour. Almost fruity or sweetness from malt, Hell (pretty standard lager but with carbonation and body (maybe from being on tap). Like Wiezen, a flavour I can't quite put my finger on to give it more 'height'), and Dunkel (carbonation and slight roasted smell. Very cleansing at the end [even watery], but too cold, even though I don't get anything else once it warms up).
Moving onto Schekerla, had the wheat rauch (smoked ham smell, but more depth that the smoke beer I had in Istanbul. Wheat base gives it a cleansing end) and a rauchbeir with the people (who brought dinner with them to the pub. supposedly between 4-6pm you are allowed to bring your own food) I was sitting with (is much less intense as the one I had at the Taphouse. Must be difference between bottle and on tap), before moving to Klosterbrau to try the Schwarzla which had been recommendation of the folks at the previous pub (a pretty strong dark for the German beers I have tried previously. Again, carbonation and too cold but a real beer). Ended the night at Spezial to try their own rauchbier with an American in combat engineering for the Army finishing off his training here before heading to Afghanistan (beer had some depth, but not as much as Schekerla [mind you, my taste bud could be dead by now]).
Okay, just got organised and now have all my travel and accommodation booked for the rest of the trip (yes, it's all coming to an end). Still, have a chance to check out the beers in Prague and one more night in Berlin before I head home. So let's bring it home!

But for now, bed. My train leaves at 8:30am. Maybe too organised?



PS: Sad news, I checked in the mirror and it seems my beer gut still won't form. I am saddened, but still have a few days left to try and rectify. Wish me luck!

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