Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 31: Prague Pils and Some Supermarket Dark Beers

So got into Prague around 1pm and headed for my hostel after some cake at the railway we were dropped of at. Got settled then did a walk of the small town area on the east side of the river, and kept walking around it until I came across a biergarten with a good view over the city, so had a Pilsner from it that had a bit of hop flavour to it, to make it interesting, but not my style, so haven't focused on it too much.
My room has a a fridge, so on the way back from the walk picked up pizza and some supermarket beers, finding a Bernard Dark. Have been on the balcony drinking it and have to say, there is a slight sugar flavour (bit like the Germany dark beers) but definitely more roasted malt and hops finish to keep these pilsner drinkers happy. Has a roasted smell and a dark, slight translucent colour. Needed the pizza to help cleanse the palate of the hops in aftertaste, but apart from that okay. Some body, but still a bit watery for my liking.
The Primator Stout is definitely darker in colour and smell, the latter bringing a sense of coffee to the beer, which translates into the flavour. There is also some chocolate flavours going on, but the beer is to watery to carry it well. Still, very happy to have found a Czech Stout and to see it has some good stout traits to it, even if it doesn't come out the best. There is also a dusty, smokey finish which again, made me happy to have a meaty pizza to go with it.
Hmm, now I have tasted a bit of chocolate in the last beer, may need to get into some more chocolate cake I got from Bamberg as I was leaving this morning. Good end to the day I think.


PS: Some sad news. Found a cheese shop round the corner from me that also has a decent selection of beer (no, that isn't the bad news, unless it is like the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch). In the shop window saw Cerna Hora Granat which is also on my list of Czech beers to try (no, this is also good). Only thing, the shop is not open again until 30 mins after I leave Prague. Boo!

PPS: You know something is wrong when the Czech girl manning the hostel said she was concerned for me going out in a t-shirt when I got back after my walk. Come on, its gets much colder here (it was like 15 degrees), or maybe I'm just aussie tough!

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