Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sint Bernardus Prior (8%)

Welcome to a new financial year (i know i am excited), but after ended the end of the last financial year with 2 bluetongue pilsners and a VB (hey, it had been in my fridge for months and just wanted to get rid of it), I am starting this one going back to some belgium beers, and back to Sint Bernardus.

This one pours dark brown with a nice head that dissipates fairly quickly. smells like a normal brown ale and with a little alc in the background.
Wow, a darker bubblegum sort of flavour which overpowers any other flavours that may come from it. there is a bit of alcohol on the mid-palate but the beer finishes very clean with only a slight bubblegum taste left. the texture if fairly watery, but just enough body that it doesn't taste diluted or sense a great separation of flavours.

So a fairly straightforward and subdued beer. the alcohol does come through more as the beer warms, but if you like bubblegum in your beer, this has it, and not are harsh as other belgium beers. With the cleansing finish, it makes it easier to go back for more.

Hmmm, i just bought 5 more beligum beers, a czech republic porter and the new little creatures brown ale. I just can't help myself...



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