Saturday, July 31, 2010

Belgium Beer Taster

Just put on a new chocolate-kind-of beer with Stass and after setting it up decided it would be a good idea to try out a couple of the belgium beers i have, seeing I won't have a chance to try them with him before i head off in a month.
1) Lindemans Faro Lambic (4.2%), there was a reason why this type of beer seem to intrigue me more than others when doing research on belgium beers. without even trying it, I had already started highlighting all the places i could get this style from, and especially that on tap, which now after tasting it, will be more industrious in finding. I have to be honest here and say it reminds me of the best wine i have ever had (ok, i shouldn't talk wine on a beer blog), but the sherbert sweetness with a cleansing aftertaste and light body all lead me to memories of a J. J. Prum Riesling i had with my brother some months ago. There was a slight sourness from the brewing process at the back of the tongue, not quite so much in the mouthfeel as the wine, but the closest thing i have come to that taste of that spectacular wine, and it's in a beer!!!!!! amazing. definitely one i can see me having a session on (if only i could afford to drink a beer more than once in belgium). So, anyone that has liked a J.J. Prum, try this beer, and vice versa, and anyone who just wants something completely different (no, this isn't a monty python sketch), give this a go. you will not be disappointed.

2) Ichtegem's Grand Cru (6.5%) - Ok, now to the disappointment. While again with the wine connection, this had what Stass described as a light merlot, with a tangy smell, this is a beer with a bit of sourness and alcohol, which, personally i found not to lead me to like it much. Luckily it is matured in oak barrels to mellow it out, as the mid palate spiked with sourness and then alcohol, with a weird aftertaste which wasn't all that unpleasant as straight alcohol afterburn, but did not leave me satisfied. i could get a light sweetness on the tip of the tongue as it is a red ale, but then it was overpowered quite strongly on the midpalate. I would almost say it was too complex a beer, but think it is just the spiking of flavours. The texture was a bit water, but definitely not one to have a session on.

So, a nice cross section of belgium beers in two beers, and a good chance for Stass and I to look forward to our overseas travels with. I will be buying up on the Faro and taking a few to my brother, hopefully for us to taste it against the Prum. a beer and wine taste off? For Sure!!!!



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