Saturday, July 3, 2010

80th post and it's all getting too much...

Hi all,

So we are well and truly into winter drinking now with it being July and it being particularly chilly here in melbourne. I have been stocking up on winter beers since march and trying to get as many down my gullet as i can while the good drinking weather is here. But I have to say, it is nearly getting too much for me. I bought a case of Supershine with Stass when the microbrewer's showcase was on earlier in the year, and as yet have not drunk one of mine. I still have 250th Anniversary Guinness still sitting around the place, just purchased 6 moo brew vintage stouts (which luckily are yet to arrive), and been buying up big on european winter beers in readiness for my trip over there in September. Then last night i went to the Roysten, had trouble choosing beers from the great range they had on tap and then found mountain goat across the road had a seasonal brews of Dunkel and Doppelbock that i had to try also. by the end i was hardly able to appreciate the beer, apart from the alcoholic properties and their impact on me. All this after Thursday, were i was able to drink Holgate's Choc Porter all night at the Rainbow Hotel while enjoying the sounds of the Twok's. Life is hard!!!
While many would say this is not a bad situation to be in (and they would be right), i am actually feeling a little frustrated at all the winter beer i have (ok, want) to try, and the limited time winter has to go for. I mean, we still haven't gotten through our own raspberry stout, choc porter or malt beer that we have brewed, and already wanting to brew a triple malt dark ale. who would have thought that after 80 posts on this blog i would be feeling this way, but i am. and now i have (ok, want again) to go to Slowbeer for the 3rd time in 2 weeks to get a new imperial stout that red hill have just come out with, and like the supershine, will probably buy 6 so i can let some of them age a little bit to try next winter.
Stass, you are right to get a little concerned for me with my drinking season in high swing, i am getting concerned for myself. Still, do you want to come round this weekend to open another raspberry stout, try a raspberry lambic from belgium, a czech republic porter and a red hill imperial stout?
Yep, I'll never here is to winter drinking and our 80th post on this blog. Cheers,


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