Monday, July 12, 2010

Ice Cream and Choc Beer

Ok, this may not sound like the best idea, but after getting inspired by this guy (, i thought i would try this with our double sedimenty choc porter.

So, this is what it looked like. the carbonation of the beer seems to really break up the ice cream and gave it a cream choc look, which i actually liked. also because the ice cream is broken up by carbonation, there is a creamy smell that combines well with the chocolate of the beer, again making it appetising.

When it came to tasting it, the combination of cream and choc did come across which was really interesting. However, when doing this, your really need a rich flavour in the beer, as shown in the youtube demonstration that inspired us. the problem is that the sediment of the beer really took away from the taste and so the chemical/alkaline became too much to actually enjoy it overall. I found I needed to find any small clumps of ice cream i could just to have the creaminess overcome the bad flavours in the beer. But i do have to say that i can really see the potential in this, adding a creaminess to a rich dark choc beer really adds a new dimension of appreciation, and so can imagine why this guys was orgasming when trying it with the Brooklyn beer. Luckily i know of a few good choc beers that would go great with this technique, so i am really looking forward to trying this out with them.

well, a worthy experiment with great potential. you just have to keep trying this sort of stuff to find new ways to appreciating beer.



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