Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moonlight Nut Brown Ale (3.3%)

Yes, you do read it correctly, it is a midstrength beer, and one i have been looking to retry for some time. I did have this once at a beer tasting event but after 15 other beers, i could not get much from it, so here i am to try it with a fresh palate. quite dark in colour for a midstrength beer, with a lovely caramel malt nose. definitely needs a bit of warmth in it to get some more flavour from it...

As I let it warm, I suppose i can let you know, that another bottle of the raspberry stout has exploded, this time sending glass across my bedroom as i slept at 3am on tuesday morning. Having found the main bits of glass, it has been now left to my feet to find the rest, and my room now smells of raspberry. i guess we take the good with the bad.
Also, I have just booked my first four night in Belgium with brussels having a belgium beer weekend the day after i arrive. it just seems this trip was fated after Jaimi first adviced i make the trip over that way. However, we are having trouble finding accommodation in Munich for Oktoberfest, so not everything is going smoothly...

Speaking of smooth, the smoothness of this nut brown is coming through well to give this beer a nice mouthfeel, something not accustomed to midstrength beer as i have found (not that i try many). There is a heightened sense of carbonation which takes away slightly from the feel and leaves the tongue tingling a bit in aftertaste. I can't help but think this could rival the samuel smith nut brown if the flavour and alcohol was boosted, but in regards to what the brewer is trying to attain through this beer, they have done quite well. This, with the Little Creatures Roger's midstrength, are the only two beers to have attempted to create some interesting flavour and texture in such a style of beer, and so commend them on it.
The caramel malt nose and taste do come through more with warmth, and therefore makes this beer rewarding to sip, instead of just 'making do' with other midstrengths at a footy game.
Actually, while speaking of caramel, have just found there is a Japanese brewer (Iwatekura) that make a beer called a 'Caramel Ale'. At the very least, I can say I am quite exciting at trying to find this.

Well, here is to malt, caramel, raspberry, chocolate, and everything sweet that is, and can be, in beer.


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