Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Karma of now having a bad day...

First, I want to send out a public apology to Denewey and Stew and all those that attended her farewell/his birthday last night for being the first one to leave and leaving in such a party pooper way. Yes, i have just endured 10 hard and monotonous hours of work to pay for my crime after only getting 2 hours sleep contemplating my old man, party pooper ways last night. it has therefore been a bad day for me getting annoyed at myself for choosing to work today and not getting up to do my bit last night and sing karaoke (wouldn't have done Jeremy justice anyway).
Thanks to Denewey for making me feel better this arvo, and allowing me to apologise before she leaves on Monday. gonna miss ya Denels, sorry for being a meathead.
In my state of self-loathing, what better way to displace some of this disappointment then trying an American stout. Ok, Ok, you know i know they can actually do some decent stouts,
but have to try something. Unfortunately, the Sierra Nevada Stout is quite innoffensive with a nice choc aroma, and dark rich flavour. the texture could be better and leaves the mouth a bit dusty/hoppy, but even in my current disapproval of all things, I can't say this beer is bad (damn it!). I can say though that i will not be going out of my way to drink any more of it (aha, a small battle won by the self-defeated).
Anyway, while i keep playing these pitiful games with myself, good to see everyone kicked on and had a good night without, and in spite of me, and next time i go to that karaoke bar will get up and sing 'I Am Mine' by Pearl Jam (sorry, but it also wasn't going to fit well with the classic karaoke songs people were singing last night either, not just that i would be singing it). so from a couple days ago of belgium beer excitement, japanese karaoke and my own lack of judgement have brought me back to earth. at least i made cup cakes and fudge brownies for desert last night after dumplings to make up for my shortcomings.
Happy Birthday Stew, and see you in Berlin Denewey (and you too Jaimi).


PS: and to top things off, some of our raspberry stout has started exploding. what next can go wrong?

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