Sunday, May 2, 2010

Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel (7.1%)

What an amazing beer to celebrate my booking of flights to Belgium and Germany. I pulled out the german beer stein i have and invited Stew over to try this beer. Just what i had hoped for when i picked it up a couple of weeks back. big malt hit with a nice spring of alcohol, but as smooth as you can get a beer like this. there was no lingering aftertaste, which made it very easy to drink, and the roundness of the taste across the whole palate was the perfect sensation after feeling good about taking a stab at this trip. I will definitely be going to this brewery when i am over in Germany, and hope they have it on tap. brown body with little head, it had the smell of caramel and alcohol, but mixed well. perfect for this autumn day where the temp didn't get above 20 degrees, and could think in 4 months time being in Europe at the start of their autumn enjoying these types of beers again. a perfect introduction to get me planning my brewery visits over there. and great to have stew enjoy it as much as i did as we chatted about plans for the future.
Will, let yas know if it tastes any better out of the tap over there. Sweet!


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