Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bridge Road Brewers, Bling IPA (5.8%)

OK, so this one was a purchase I made on the fly after doing the beer tasting during the week at Purvis. no idea what it would taste like but thought for Stass's birthday he might enjoy it. And, I am happy to say, both of us have.
It has a great blend of hops and malt, with the malt being the basic structure of the beer throughout the palate, with a spring of hops, which is good with the first few mouthfuls, but for me got a little much after a while. still, with a chocolately malt flavour and not a stinging hop taste or aftertaste (just a bit of dusty hops) it went down well. however, my one great surprise from the beer was how smooth and creamy it was. this seems to be a bit of a trait with the Bridge Road Boys, and only make me want to be on this Belgium beer tour with Ben from the brewery. If only there was enough numbers to make it happen.
Anyway, with the probable disappointment to come, at least it was good to see my beer-dar is working well, even for beer styles i don't much enjoy.

Cheers to that,


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