Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Otway Limited Release Organic Raspberry Ale (4.5%)

Seeing I am on a sugar rush at the moment, thought this fruit beer would give me some different sweetness from the chocolate beers I have been on recently. It looks pretty light on in the red hue, but there is some good raspberry smell coming from it. There is a bit of sourness to it and unfortunately is a bit more watery that I would like, having tried brewing my own raspberry beers. I noticed this beer was brewed for the summer and so has had a few months in the bottle, and from my experience can understand that it has probably come on sourer and more watery as it gets older. I know it only took a month after bottling ours that we noticed these things come into the raspberry beers we have brewed, and probably why we headed towards going towards sweeter and thicker stouts to overcome these issues. The only other aspect I found was it had a slight dryness on the back and there was a slight sherberty/fizz feel on the midpalate. Overall, would be a great summer beer with a bit more flavour, if not a bit more texture.
However, to have tried this beer on tap I reckon it would have tasted much better to get a bit more mouthfeel and carbonation to bring out the flavour of the raspberry more. Having had Otway's blueberry wit on tap at the microbrewery showcase last week, it definitely had better flavour and texture, and so would think this raspberry ale would have more going for it. I have also just found out that Slowbeer have the Kooinda Raspberry Wit on tap so think it would be worth getting in on the growler and trying this beer out (I also heard Slowbeer will have the Empress on soon too, and will definitely need to have some of that at home).
One last thing, I tried a new recipe for beef and Guinness pie yesterday that Stass gave to me, and have to say it was pretty good. I look forward to making this over the coming winter.


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