Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gimme some shugga' for making 150

Welcome to the 150th post on this blog!

I have decided to keep with my personal flavour and try out a sweet beer I saw a couple of months ago and have wanted to try it since. Having a sweet tooth, when I saw the Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale, it caught my eye, and thought 'even if it may end up being a novelty beer, it was worth a go' and on an occasion like this, seems appropriate to have a novelty beer for a novelty beer blog.
With a dark amber colour, smells of sweet caramel (hmm, good start), but even more on the sweeter side. I have actually tried using brown sugar before in a scotch ale, and really liked how it came out, and the smell reminds me a bit of that. There is a nice caramel sweet upfront taste, and a decent body to carry it along to the midpalate. I am actually tasting a bit of trappist beer with the sweetness up front, like a Chimay Blue or Rochefort 10 but not as dark (am I building up this beer too much because of the occasion?). Coming back to earth, there is a bit of a fizz that comes over the tongue from mid palate that does take away from the flavour a bit. However, am hoping this reduces as it warms. There is also a hop on the back palate that while isn't bad, also takes away from the flavour I enjoy on the front, but does cleanse the tongue quite well. As it warms the fizz does diminish, but the hop flavour does increase. I guess that has to be expected from a U.S. beer, but still an flavourful and interesting beer overall.

As always, thanks for checking out this blog, and big thanks to Stass for setting it up, even if he doesn't contribute this much up front. Still, his behind the scenes support has helped this blog and myself to where we are. I'd also like to add that we have also reached the 3000 mark in terms of people coming and looking at the blog, so averaging 20 views per blog, which I am pretty pleased with. I hope though you have taken into account my personal bias into any accounts I have made on beers and those thoughts I have around beer (which I guess is pretty wide for me). Anyway, thanks for checking it out. It continues to be an interesting journey for me, and happy to have documented the hundreds of beer I have been able to record in this medium. From my own and other beer tastings, brews we have put on, beers I have tried while traveling, the people I have met through all this, and to have my first day working in a brewery as a bookend to all this so far, it has been a great experience, and has helped develop me this far.

I have chosen a good day to bring up this mark, as am about to head to an Eddie Vedder gig tonight. So, in his words...UUUMMMQQUUAAAAAYYYY




jayelde said...

Top work with hitting 150...and thank you for beer blogging!

With the local beer scene and industry is evolving fast...Australia needs more good beer loving bloggers...especially people who stick with it.

beefy said...

Cheers Jayelde, I must say your blog is much more sophisticated than mine, so good to see someone is doing it better than me.
You're right. The scene is pretty good right now, and just enjoying the ride to see where it takes us. Good luck to us all!

jayelde said...

haha. but blogs don't need to be sophisticated! They just need to communicate and spread the word of better beer experiences and knowledge. So keep it up!

As much as the scene is good here in is appalling across most of Australia. We are still a terrible keep it up!